15th Century Tudor Castle Replica

This was one of WA Painters earlier projects and involved reproducing the colour and theme used back in the 15th century.

WA Painters were contracted to paint this beautiful home in and out. The aim was longevity as the owners did not want to repaint the interior ever again and 17 years later, they still haven’t repainted the interior which was initially designed to last a lifetime.

Using sikkens HLS & THB (now Filter 7) 4 coats were applied to all timbers and polished after. This six-month project was a clear winner in the 1996 Master Painters Award for Excellence.


Windsong Valley Bedfordale Exterior painting

Dark & light colours requires attention to detail

The main lounge all interior timbers coated with Sikkens products and polished.

A clear winner for the Master Painters Award of Excellence.