Back yard makeover

Backyard Makeover

WA Painters-Perth, maintenance timber deck lawn privacy screen

This was a very plain backyard before the upgrade, there was a pool - replaced by lawn and added a timber deck, spa, privacy screens, paving and much more...

Pool Gone

WA Painters-Perth, Valentine Lawn Decking, stain, privacy screen

Pool replaced by Valentine Lawn

New Timber Deck & Italian Granite Tiles

WA Painters-Perth, Paving

The deck offers an interesting design to compliment the back yard.

backyard upgrade & man cave

The Before Shoot

WA Painters-Perth, swiming pool Painter Perth

As you can see a very plain backyard.


WA Painters-Perth, backyard makeover paving, decking

It was important for the new makeover to look as good at night as it does in the day.

Tree Lights

WA Painters-Perth limestone cladding man cave tree light

We always design our lighting to illuminate the feature without seeing the actual light bulb.

Jarrah & Oak Seat

WA Painters-Perth,

This was a creative add on, each piece was individually cut to create a stunning look.

The Man Cave


 Built from the ground up. The main support beams were old railway sleepers from the ground, complimented with limestone cladding. 

Inside the Man Cave


Inside the  shed.

backyard DEVELOPMENT stages

Clearing Back Yard

WA Painters-Perth clearing site works

There's our skid steer, notice how much dirt is being removed. Roughly 60 cubic meters removed and 6 cubic meters of new sand bought in. 

Ready for the Lawn

WA Painters-Perth pool filled in

The pool is gone, we can now screed for the new lawn.

Installing the Lawn

WA Painters-Perth install lawn

The lawn is laid on a well screeded surface.

Building the Deck

WA Painters-Perth build timber deck frame

Installing the frame work for the timber decking.

Patio for Gym Area

WA Painters-Perth carport

A carport was acquired and used to create an undercover Gym area overlooking the new yard

Looking Fab

WA Painters-Perth home improvements

12 weeks and what a result.

building the man cave


WA Painters-Perth home upgrade

This is were the Man Cave will be built, notice the sleepers in the ground? They will later become the post.

Sanding the Sleepers

WA Painters-Perth timber sleepers restored

Very messy job with lots and lots of grinding.

Ready to Pave

WA Painters-Perth paving sand compactor

With the tree finally gone we can now pave.

Ready to Build

WA Painters-Perth paved home extensions

Paving done, just need to errect the cave.

Frame & Roof

WA Painters-Perth man cave shed home improvements

All ground waterproofing done, frame & roof are up. Just need to line and clad.

One good looking Shed

WA Painters-Perth shed limestone cladding painting varnish epoxy

End result, we have a shed that looks good in the back yard, well worth the effort.