Floor coatings

WA Painters Perth 2 pack epoxy floor coatings painting

Two Pack Epoxy

Epoxies are extremely resilient to chemicals and wear & tear. When applied correctly with proper preparation your floor can last a lifetime. Consult with WA Painters to see which product is right for your floor...

WA Painters Perth Polyurethane floor coating painting

Polyurethane Coatings

This is one of our favourite floor coatings. As a single pack polyurethane the performance is brilliant with low material cost and practical maintenance, this is a good choice that will suit any budget.

WA Painters Perth 2 pack epoxy Terra-flake Seamless floor coating painting

Terra-flake Seamless Flooring

This amazing two pack epoxy flaked floor coating is ideal for high traffic areas that offers maximum protection with a 5 coat system. WA Painters are licensed applicators of NUPLEX Terra-Flake products.